Woman transforms her home in to a Gingerbread House for Christmas

Carmon Croxall from Exeter, Devon has transformed her own home into a gingerbread house.

Written 6th November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

With help from friends and family Carmon (of Exeter, UK) has transformed her house into a fantastic display of candy canes, gingerbread men, sweets, and white icing. She started decorating for Halloween and her displays have become bigger and better each year. 

Since posting on her Instagram page @clashcreativehome she has received fantastic feedback:

@ohsodaisy.shop said "I mean this is literally the BEST thing I’ve seen in a lonnnnng time!!!"

@glitterislife1979 said "I want it on my house ūüėćūüėć"

Watch the video:


The display is crafted from materials and equipment from The Prop Factory, the prop hire company in Exeter that she runs. She has spent a whooping £300 on extra-strong materials ensuring the decorations stay in place. 

Carman has already started planning for Valentine's Day and Easter. 



The front of the house

People have been coming far and wide to take a glimpse of Carman's house.


The front of the house

On Carman's Instagram it states "The sweets I have made at work @the_propfactory and all are available to buy on our Etsy"

Image credit: Clash Creative Home

The front door

About 70% is made of recycled materials.

Image credit: Clash Creative Home


On Carman's Instagram @clashcreativehome she states "Lollipop sticks are wooden dowel offcuts and an old drainage pipe"

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