Huge Sharing Camembert with Christmas flavoured Sharing Bread

Huge Sharing Camembert with Christmas flavoured Sharing Bread

Just the look of this Camembert with dipping bread makes our mouths water.

Written 11th November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Cranberry, Sage and Onion Bread With French Dipping Camembert

This product is to be stored in the fridge and takes only 14 minutes to cook.

The bread is onion, sage and cranberry favourite - the classic taste of Christmas, it is sold as tear and share bread to be able to pull apart and dip into the pipping hot camembert. 

This product is sold by Aldi, United Kingdom, it is one of their 'Coming Soon' products and will be here in time for Christmas. At only £5 this is a bargain and would make a fantastic addition to any household at Christmas

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With all the Christmas Adverts currently on TV at the moment, it is easy to see the amazing Christmas food out this year. 

Another Camembert favourite this year from Aldi is the Made for Sharing Mulled Wine and Cranberry Baking Camembert.

With ingredients of - Camembert, mulled wine, red wine and cranberries, it is going to be a tough decision of which one to choose from.



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