Cadbury have brought back their chocolate coins this Christmas

Cadbury have brought back their chocolate coins this Christmas

This will delight Cadbury chocolate fans across the UK

Written 15th August 2023 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Guess what? A super popular treat that disappeared nine years ago is making a grand return this year – and we're beyond thrilled!

Attention, chocolate lovers all around the country! It's like an early Christmas present because Cadbury has just announced that their famous Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Coins are making a long-awaited comeback and can actually be purchased right now in their store!

These amazing chocolates were last seen in 2014, and their absence left a lot of us feeling pretty sad. We were left with standard gold coins that just missed that classic Cadbury 'melt in the mouth' taste.

People loved these yummy coins so much that they even started petitions to bring them back. I for one have missed seeing them in my stocking.

These chocolate coins will be available all over the country in stores from September, and they'll cost just £1.99 for the Festive Net pack.

Just remember, different stores might have different prices on them as they are free to decide how much they charge, so make sure to check before you head to the cashier or buy direct online.

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A bag of coins retails at £1.99 and can be purchased directly from Cadbury here.

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