Christmas Trees for all Occasions

Christmas Trees for all Occasions

Written 13th August 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

When you love Christmas it can be sad to say goodbye to the tree and take all the decorations down. Once everything has been put in storage for 11 months the house seems so empty.

But why do we have to get rid of the tree? Why not keep it up and reuse it all year round? You could have a Halloween tree, a summer tree, or a birthday tree. 

We take a look at the best trees all for all occasions.

Easter Tree

This is our favourite Easter Tree. We loved everything, from the pastel colours, huge baubles, Easter Bunny's face poking out from the tree.  The gorgeous tree skirt completes the whole look.

Credit Sami Riccioli

Halloween Tree

There are so many fantastic Halloween trees out there and we took a long time to decide on our favourite. With the clown face, skeleton hands and scary pumpkin face this Halloween Tree would definitely scare you.

Fall Tree / Autumn Tree - with leaves, a scarecrow, black and white tartan ribbon and pumpkins. This tree represents everything autumn/fall.  Finished off with a Thankful and Blessed sign. We love this tree. 

Summer Tree

We love the ice creams, flamingo glasses and buckets and spades. It gave us that summer feeling.

Valentine Tree

This tree is gorgeous. It has love hearts, little people on ladders holding hearts and huge lollipops. We love how this tree is so full of decorations it is hard to see the actual tree, it makes it really stand out.


Jennifer Houghton

Unicorn Tree

The perfect tree for unicorn lovers, the colour match is perfect. You could have this tree for a birthday or a Christmas tree, or just all year round because you love unicorns.

Birthday Tree

By adding a few balloons and some napkins, the Christmas tree has been transformed into a Birthday Tree. A fantastic idea for anyone with a birthday around Christmas.


Happy World Bee Day 

This has to be the most unique tree we have found, celebrating world bee day.  Fantantic combination of colours, flowers and pictures. Lovely tree that brightens up a room


St Patrick's Day Tree

With its green baubles, lucky horseshoes and four-leaf clovers, there is no doubt that this is a St Patrick Day tree.

Fourth of July Tree

With its beautiful stars, and red, blue and white colours this tree stands out when celebrating July 4th. 

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