Every mums Christmas present nightmare

Every mums Christmas present nightmare

Christmas present blunder that all parents fear.

Written 23rd November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Annie has posted on TikTok the moment she 'ruined' Christmas for her daughter and all her daughter's friends. The mortified mum was shocked to see the Christmas present that she had ordered for her daughter sitting on her drive. In full view for all passes by.

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Annie was driving home from school with her daughter, upon pulling up on her drive she was shocked to see a huge box blocking her driveway. The box huge box had a "Barbie Camper Jeep' written across the front of it. 

It was right in the middle of her driveway and was not discreetly packaged. To make it worse it had a huge picture of a jeep across the front, visible for everybody to see - including her daughter.

Annie had to think quickly as to how she would explain to her daughter why there is a huge Barbie Camper Jeep on her driveway.

She states in hindsight how her quick thinking wasn't the best thing to come up with.

In her TikTok Annie said "So, she sees it, so I'm frantic. So then, this is what I came up with in two minutes. I failed everything by the way. I'm telling you the story, I failed already.

Annie's first thought was to deny all knowledge and started saying "I didn't buy it and Daddy didn't get it". She then quickly grabbed a blank piece of paper from her purse and pretended it was a letter from Santa. She read the letter to her daughter.

"Dear child, who's been so good. I couldn't fit this on my sleigh, so I had to deliver it early. However, it's not going to work until Christmas so you're going to have to save it. Happy early Merry Christmas."

On reflection, Annie went on to sum up what was "wrong with the situation".

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She said:

"One, she's three and she wants to play with it now"

"Two, what's also wrong with that problem is that I have now sent my child to tell every other child in school that she already got a gift from Santa and ruined it for every other parent. I'm sorry."

Annie then went on to ask the question - What do parents do with Christmas presents before Christmas?

This hilarious video has gone viral on social media with a fantastic response from fellow parents who have been in similar situations. Many saying how she hasn't ruined Christmas and it will be a funny story to tell her daughter when she is older. 

More TikTok comments are below - 

Gina Louise??? i ruin Christmas every year cause i am sooooo rubbish at suprises ??? you did some great quick thinking and deserve a medal ???

Alice Smith - The delivery driver ruined it for you, not your fault at all and great come back. Love it ?

Reenie Bean - I've been there with the kids finding gifts!? Garage, your bedroom with blankets over it, basement.They find things like they have a radar at the end of their nose!??

Watch the TikTok video below - 


@didyousaytarget My heart is broken at the fact that the magic of the gift that we were going to give our daughter is gone because of the delivery in the middle of the driveway.Christmas is supposed to be this magical moment where they experience the magic and I feel like it’s gone now. This gift wasn’t cheap either so of course I had to be the gift that we really wanted to surprise her with now that surprise is gone. I hope she doesn’t remember this Christmas and it’s ruined for the future of the magic that I was hoping to experience with my daughter I would really like any tips or tricks for what other parents might do in the situation so that in the future I don’t run into this problem as well. How do you other parents store Christmas gifts? Do they ship them to family members house? I’m really sad. They could’ve at least covered the box up. I mean it is Christmas time. Thank you Wal mart##ruinedchristmas##toddlerchristmas##momfail##wtf##christmasifts #j#jeepgirlm#momtokw#whatdoidonowd@didyousaytarget @kjp #momfailofchristmas ♬ Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town - Mariah Carey
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