Harry Potter Christmas Tree

Harry Potter Christmas Tree

A little bit of magic in every tree

Written 5th December 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Since the release of the first Harry Potter film in 2001, Harry Potter has been a worldwide success.

Even though all 8 films have been released, it is still loved by many.

The books and films will be read and watched by the new generation to come and we can't see the phenomenon fading.

What could be more perfect than a Harry Potter Christmas Tree.

Image 1

This Harry Potter Christmas tree is fantastic. The detail involved in creating and designing it is really creative.

At the bottom of the tree, there is a Hogwarts Express with a few characters - Harry, Hermione, Ron and Hagrid.

The lovely ribbon I solemnly swear I am up to no good is hung around the tree.

Hung from the tree are various Harry Potter baubles, all unique.


With a bauble of each team and a ribbon of each colour would finish the tree off perfectly.

The Golden Snitch and The Daily Prophet Ornament are so unique and only a true Harry Potter fan would know what these are.

Image 6

Image credit: Sorting Hat

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