This Christmas tree lights hack gives your tree the ultimate glow

This Christmas tree lights hack gives your tree the ultimate glow

This mum from Ireland shares her tips for the perfect way to add fairy lights to your tree

Written 6th November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

A mum from Ireland has shared here Christmas hack for the way she decorates her Christmas tree to allow others to get that magical look for their Christmas tree too.

Her TikTok video from 25th November 2021 has racked up over 4.1M views. The method of getting such a super bright look involves covering the trunk of the tree in fairy lights first, then continuing on to each and every branch. She uses 3 packs of 2000 cluster lights to achieve this look.

You can watch it here:

@kellyfitzsimons__ Get those lights right up the trunk and watch your tree glow ? I used 3 x 2000 cluster lights #christmas #christmastree #christmashack #lifehack ♬ original sound - Kelly Fitzsimons

We'll definitely be giving this a go this year to see what a difference it makes to our tree.

I bet you're wondering how the finished fully decorated Christmas tree looks. Well luckily Kelly later created a 'Christmas Activated' video that shows off her festive decorations in all their glory. She certainly has a talent for festive decorations.

Watch it here:

@kellyfitzsimons__ Fire in the hole ????#christmas #christmastree #christmashack #christmas #christmas2021 #fyp #christmasdecor ♬ original sound - Kelly Fitzsimons



Of course, this method does require rather a lot of time and patience. Perhaps you'd prefer to cheat a little and use one of these clever 'easy to install' fairy lights solutions as recommended by Caroline Harrison, one of our Your Christmas Countdown Facebook page followers.

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