Is this the best Christmas lights display in Cornwall, UK?

Is this the best Christmas lights display in Cornwall, UK?

It's one of the biggest residential displays in the county and is growing year upon year

Written 5th December 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

It's called 'Illumin8 Christmas Lights' and has been running for years in the village of Fraddon in Cornwall, United Kingdom. The collection has been grown over the years and is stored away in a storage unit over the Spring & Summer months. The display takes roughly 3 weeks of 8 hour days to set up.

Altogether en estimated 1,000,000 LED's are used in total when counting al the rope lights and fairy lights used in the display.

They've worked out it costs them roughly £3 per hour to have the lights switched on and they'll be keeping them running for 3 hours per night.

Last year the cost of running the lights was calculated to be £500. This year they're estimating costs of £700-800 with the soaring electricity prices. To keep their displays up and running they're crowdfunding and hoping to raise enough money for this years display.

Watch the switch on for 2022:

If you'd like to go and see the display it's on Parka Road, Fraddon, Cornwall, UK and is currently switched on from 6-8:30pm on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Help keep the display up and running

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