Festive Mini Cooper set to dazzle England's streets

The iconic British car is covered in 3000 smart LED lights ready for it's touring season

Written 23rd November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

A software engineer, Nico Martin of Bracknell, has once again decked his car out with 3000 smart LED lights over the festive season to raise money for charities close to his heart.

The car is supported by Mini UK and they've even created a promotional video for it:


Image credit: PA Media

Attaching the lights to the car takes him roughly 48 hours to complete but with it's purpose being "to bring joy to as many people as possible" we think it's totally worth it.

He's upped his game this year as the lights not only twinkle beautifully, but can create varied patterns, messages and animations, one of which is a Christmas cracker.

The charities Mr. Martin is raising money for are the MS Trust, Duchenne UK and The Lexicon Charity Fund.

In an interview with BBC News he explained:

"People just get blown away when they see it."

"They have an expectation of what it might look like but when they actually see it, their jaw just drops.

"It brings little moments of joy to people's lives."

He plans to drive the car around as many streets in Bracknell, UK as he can in the build up to Christmas and hopes to raise at least £10,000. In previos years he's raised an impressive £6000 in 2020 and £8000 in 2021, so £10,000 this year seems like a great target to aim for.

Make a donation at FestiveMini.com
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