Lady slammed after posting about her improved tree decorating skills

Lady slammed after posting about her improved tree decorating skills

Her Christmas tree 'then and now' post really divided people opinions

Written 1st December 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

A Facebook post recently spiralled out of control when the author posted an innocent photo comparing her tree decoration skills from over 10 years ago compared to now.

Comments flooded in with many people stating things such as 'it's not about how a tree looks, it's about the memories on it'.

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Ms Ellis posted a picture of her Christmas Trees over the years, one from 2011 and another from 2022. Stating 'Feel that my tree skills have got a lot better over the years'

What was intended to be a funny post caused controversy among social media followers. Many people said they preferred her 2011 tree. Others commented saying that their trees are covered in things that mean things, and they don't like the shop bought bauble look.

Thousands of people posted their own Christmas trees that had been decorated by children. Many saying that these new perfectly decorated Christmas trees had lost 'what Christmas is all about.'

One Facebook commenter went on to say that there is something very special about mismatched baubles and garlands picked and hung by children that speaks to my heart and says "Christmas" like nothing else with ever do. 100's of people agreed with her.

Ms Ellis, felt that she needed to justify her photos, and said:

My Children have their own tree and there are lots of decorations they have made over the years, they like their own tree we have always done it like that and it's what they prefer. They help me decorate the big tree but in my way and tbh I just feel that we as parents spend out lives always putting children first and letting them do everything, the 1 think I want for myself is a Christmas tree that looks beautiful.

What are your thoughts? Have decorating Christmas trees gone too far? Are trees full of memories better than a 'perfect shop-bought Christmas Tree'

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