Lidl's 2023 Christmas advert arrives

Lidl's 2023 Christmas advert arrives

Written 4th November 2023 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

It's titled 'A Magical Christmas' and see's a curious raccoon peering through a window, observing a family eagerly adorning their Christmas tree. Amidst the festive excitement, the family dog inadvertently breaks the little boy's beloved monkey Christmas ornament.

In an effort to uplift her son's spirits, the boy's mother selects a soft toy during her routine shopping trip to Lidl but accidentally drops it on the way home.

Taking matters into its own hands, the raccoon becomes the unlikely hero. It snatches the toy monkey and embarks on a city-wide adventure, scaling road signs, hopping on the tube, and even sailing on a log across a river, all to deliver the toy to the family's doorstep and place it under the Christmas tree.

Watch it here:

The advert is due to air for the first time on Saturday 4th November between parts of the UK soap 'Emmerdale'.

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