Pink Christmas

Pink Christmas

A collection of the most gorgeous pink Christmas Trees

Written 27th November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Fancy a pink theme this year? Pink has been an "in colour" for a few years now and still going strong.

If you decide to go for a pink tree, white, silver or rose gold would compliment the tree and we would avoid brightly coloured baubles. 

You should also avoid coloured lights and choose more white fairy shade of lights. Coloured lights would clash with the pink tree.

You could also add pears or beads, fabric flowers and stars to make the tree beautiful.

If you go for a green tree, having the tree flocked to give a snow-like feel would love lovely and really bring out the pink baubles, as above we would advise coloured baubles and coloured lights.

Image 1

The Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree is the focal point of every room. Pink is an uplifting warm colour and will create a lovely soft vibe within your room.

Some pink inspiration trees below

Image 2

A collection of pink Christmas trees as inspiration. The majority have a flocked tree with a mixture of flowers and large baubles. All have complimented the pink with a white and silver color. 

Credit - themarklandhome.comKushanaBudget BuiKatie

Image 3

Unique and personal Christmas ornaments.

The gorgeous fur boots and hanging fairy make a fantastic addition to a Christmas Tree. It's these little touches that makes the tree unique to you and your family.

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Image 4
Image 5

The Ribbon

The ribbon is a massive part of Christmas. Whether it is hung from a ceiling, around a tree or made into a bow - it always looks fantastic!

Check out this article on how to make a Christmas bow.

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Image 6


Flowers look fantastic at Christmas time, we love pink roses and the pink wreath. The wreath can be hung from anywhere, not only from a front door. If you are feeling creative you could even have a go at making the wreath yourself.

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Image 7

The Fireplace

A beautifully decorated fireplace created such a lovely feeling. With shades of pink and white roses, this fireplace has captured this perfectly. Matching pink ornaments placed on the fireplace behind a garland will finish off this masterpiece display.

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Image 8

A lovely collection of festive pink trees, a pink pickup truck, and a personalized pink wooden sign. This selection would compliment a pink Christmas tree. 

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Image 9

The Table Cloth

A pink table runner and napkin set is going to look gorgeous on a table at Christmas. What makes this even more perfect is that is can be used all year round. 

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