Princess of Wales to host 2022 special Christmas Carol Service at Westminster Abbey

Princess of Wales to return to Westminster Abbey and host special Royal Christmas carol service

Written 5th November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Yesterday Buckingham Palace announced that Catherine, Princess of Wales will be hosting a special Christmas carol service at Westminster Abbey this year which will take place on Thursday 15th December 2022. An exact time is yet to be confirmed.

You can view a countdown to this event here.

It's the second time she's hosted the concert which could mean it will become a tradition. She suprised the public by playing a beautiful piano piece last year alongside Tom Walker during Royal Carols: Together At Christmas:

This years festive event will being together members of the Royal Family, charity staff, community volunteers, frontline workers, military personnel and more to 'celebrate the joy that human connection can bring.'

This year's Christmas carol concert will also honor the late Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away earlier this year in September at age 96, having reigned for 63 years, seven months and 2 days. Sadly her last Christmas speech was in 2021 but we're looking forward to hearing King Charles III speak on Christmas Day.

View the history of Queen Elizabeth II's Christmas speeches.

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