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Written 9th September 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

With the sad news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, I thought it would be a lovely tribute to gather as many of the Queen's Christmas speeches from the past as I can for us to hold on to and treasure.

Her long-standing tradition was shown on UK Tv on Christmas Day at 3pm. The Queen would address global, national and personal events. Her last-ever Christmas speech was shown on 25 December 2021.



The Queen reflects on the passing of her husband Prince Philip and his legacy. She mentions COVID and how it is still affecting daily life. She hopes that the Platinum Jubilee will give people a sense of togetherness again.


COVID is a big part of this year's speech. The year that had kept people apart has subsequently brought so many people together. The inspiring stories of volunteers and communities helping one another out.


This year she spoke about the 50th anniversary of the moon landings and also the anniversary of D-Day. She welcomes her eighth great-grandchild into the family.


A busy year for her family, with 2 weddings, two babies and another is expected soon. She also notes Prince Charles's 70th Birthday. She mentions the growth of the Commonwealth which now includes 53 counties.


The queen reflects on the Manchester terror attacks and the Grenfell Tower Fire. She expresses how grateful she is to celebrate her 70th Wedding anniversary.


This year marks the Queen's 90th Birthday. She congratulates the winners at the Olympic Games in Rio and how inspirational the athletes are.


This year marks 70 years since the end of the second world war. The Queen looks to the future and her upcoming 90th birthday


The First World War is significant this year in particular the ceramic poppies at The Tower of London. For every poppy a life; and a reminder of the grief of loved ones left behind.


This year is about reflection and for what we are grateful for, In particular The Queen's own Coronation Day sixty years ago and the remarkable changes since that day but also the things that have remained constant. 


The Jubilee celebrations and the London Olympic Games were a big part of this year's speech.


The Queen mentions the countries she has visited in particular countries which have experienced natural disasters. She speaks about the importance of communities and families.


This years speech is about sporting events and their importance in building communities and creating harmony.


The speech starts by noting the difficult year for many due to the economic downturn. She then moves on to express her debt of gratitude to soldiers from the UK and Commonwealth serving in Afghanistan.


Focussing on celebration and reflection in particular the 60th Birthday of The Prince of Wales.



A big emphasis on the importance of family, she also mentions her Diamond Wedding anniversary this year.


This year the Queen celebrated her 80th birthday. Her speech discusses the understanding between faith and generations and the pressures of modern life.


This year saw terrible natural disasters, including the Boxing Day Tsunami, Hurricanes in the Caribbean, floods in New Orleans and huge Earthquakes in Pakistan and India. In July there were terror attacks in London. She praises those involved in rebuilding communities.


The Queen addresses the importance of Christmas as a traditional celebration around a great religious festival.




During this year the Queen's mother and her younger sister passed away within 7 weeks of each other. The Queen reflects on her personal grief and also the celebration of her Golden Jubilee.



The Queen mentions the outbreak of foot-and-mouth which affected the UK's farming community. She also speaks of the large-scale terrorist attack on New York and Washington. She expresses the importance of communities working together to respond to disasters.



The Queen speaks about the start of the new Millennium and how she has visited Millennium projects large and small.



The Queen reflects on how life has changed over the last 100 years and looks forward to the new Millennium.


This main focus this year is the lessons learnt by different generations and how they can help each other. There is also mention of The Prince of Wales's 50th birthday.



This year's speech focuses on 2 major events. The tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales and the celebration of The Queen and Prince Philip's Golden Wedding anniversary. 



The Queen speaks of her visits to Poland, the Czech Republic and Thailand and also on the visit to the UK by President Nelson Mandela. She mentions tragic events in Dunblane and Port Arther.



This year saw the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II. The Queen also visited South Africa, for the first time since 1947.



Members of the Royal Family including the Queen travelled to Northern France for the 50th anniversary of the D-Day landings. The Queen also speaks of the first ever State Visit to Russia.



This year's speech the Queen acknowledges the achievements of volunteers and charities.


This year's speech was a month after the fire which destroyed part of Windsor Castle. The Queen spoke about the importance of the Armed Services and peacekeeping duties.


The Queen speaks about how the world has changed, especially since the start of her reign, 40 years ago.


The Queen speaks of her family, her mother's 90th birthday and a Christening which has brought her family together. She also paid tribute to the Armed Services.


This year's speech is about children and their future. The Queen urges children to respect and protect the world around them.


The Queen mentions the anniversaries celebrated his year. The 400th anniversary of the Spanish Armada, the 300th anniversary of the arrival in Britain of King William and Queen Mary of Orange, and the 200th 'birthday' of Australia.



The Queen celebrated her 40th wedding anniversary this year. She also mentions the terrorist bomb in Enniskillen and stressed the importance of tolerance and forgiveness. 



This year's speech expresses the importance of children and society's responsibility towards children.


This year saw a lot of disasters such as Earthquakes, Volcanos, famine and plane crashes. The Queen focused her speech on the courage and bravery of all those involved.



 This year celebrated the 40th anniversary of D-Day, it was also the year that The Queen welcomed her fourth grandchild - Prince Harry.

1983 / 1982

1982 marked the 50th anniversary of the first Christmas Message.


This year's theme was children and young people.


The Queen refers to the record inflation and unemployment in the UK and worldwide.


This year the Queen speaks of the conflict in Northern Ireland and the Middle East, famine in Bangladesh and floods in Brisbane, Australia.


This year The Queen focuses on the importance of families.


This year's speech is about 'the brotherhood of man' and the hope it holds out for the world.


The Queen mentions the birth of her third son, Prince Andrew and the special relationship with the Commonwealth, espcially Nigeria who gained independence this year.


This marks the 25th anniversary of the first Christmas Broadcast on the radio.


The Queen and Prince Philip were at the start of a six-month tour of the Commonwealth. On Christmas Day, they were in Auckland, New Zealand. Notably, The Queen mentions how she is not with her children and hasn't seen them for over a month.


The Queen's first Christmas Speech. She paid tribute to her late father and asked people to remember her at the time of her Coronation the following June.


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