Worlds rudest Christmas Decoration found in store

One shopper showed his Christmas decoration findings on TikTok for others to see

Written 8th November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

A man has discovered a reindeer ornament showing more than was expected. 

The unsuspecting shopper couldn't believe his eyes after noticing the deliberately shaped genitals underneath a white and innocent-looking reindeer decoration. Inspecting it more closely he posted it on social media and the post went viral.

It has sparked people to go in search of this Christmas ornament.

A lot of people commented that this isn't the first time a product like this has been spotted. Last year Sian Collinson, 38, and her 18-year-old daughter Natasha Collinson couldn’t stop giggling as they noticed his well-endowed “human-like” private parts.

@poolside_camus posted on his TikTok account "Every year I like to come to B&M when the Christmas decorations come out. Find this little reindeer....and look at his kn*b."

@poolside_camus My Christmas starts as soon as I find this guy in B&M bargain. Packing heat this winter. #christmas #raindeer #balls #funny #foryou #jokes #shopping ♬ original sound - Poolside Camus

This isn't the first offensive Christmas decoration to have been found at B&M  this year. Take a look at this one too.

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