The worst Christmas presents received in 2022.

The worst Christmas presents received in 2022.

A selection of the worst Christmas presents for adults received in 2022.

Written 4th January 2023 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Choosing the right Christmas present can sometimes be a challenge. Most adults just buy what they want, when they want it. 

Below is our list of the worst Christmas presents bought in 2022. Did you receive one of the below? Do you agree?

A novelty coffee mug

Let's admit - no one really wants one of these novelty mugs. No one wakes up on Christmas morning and thinks 'I hope someone has bought me a novelty coffee mug'.

If you really needed mugs you would probably just go out and buy one. This mug will remain at the back of your shelf until some 'accidentally' breaks it.



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An Amazon gift card

On first thought, this appears an amazing gift. Everyone buys things on Amazon, it could be spent on anything. Exactly - spent on anything. So ultimately what will this gift card be spent on? Everyday items such as shampoo, baby wipes, and the last-minute things you suddenly need such as batteries or toilet paper.


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Socks are a personal thing, some people like just plain black ones, and some people like a certain brand.

We all remember the disappointment of opening socks as a Christmas present when you are a child, unfortunately, it doesn't fade into adulthood.


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No one likes receiving smellies, it's a waste of money and packaging. You get a couple of bottles, most of them you will never use.


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A picture frame

Unless it's something a toddler has made this is a big no. An empty frame may not be to your taste and it is even worse if there is a photo in it you don't like. How awkward would it be if you turned up at their house and noticed that they had taken the photo of your out of the frame. 

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A keychain

We all have hundreds of them, do we need anymore? A polite smile and a thank you once opened and then the keychain goes into a drawer, it never actually gets put on your car keys.

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A t-shirt

The same as a coffee cup, if you want a t-shirt you will go out and buy it. When someone buys you a t-shirt they need to know your size and your style. The rule is - do not buy anyone clothes for Christmas

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