Joint Christmas and Birthday presents

Joint Christmas and Birthday presents

Should family buy a child whose birthday is near Christmas 2 presents?

Written 14th December 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

This is an ongoing debate each year about whether a joint Christmas and birthday present is acceptable.

A parent on Mumsnet sparked this debate by writing 

AIBU to expect people to buy 2 presents for my daughter whose birthday is 24th December and not a joint Christmas and birthday present?

She asked "nobody would do this if her birthday was in June, am I being super sensitive or is this ok?"

She has had a huge response, with many people commenting that is it not ok.

"No, my birthday is early December and I hated having joint presents as a child"

YANBU, but as I have a stepdaughter whose birthday is 24 december, she has had this all her life..

My niece's birthday is very close to Christmas and I am determined to make sure that she always has separate presents (including birthday wrapping paper for the birthday present) 

YANBU. Mother of two December-born children speaking! One is 24th and the other is 26th! I remember saying to my parents that I didn't want one gift for both, but something small for each day. (same as they do for all other grandchildren). My father labelled me 'greedy' 'grabby' and 'ungrateful'.. not to my face you understand, no, just to every other person he met... :(


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Karen from TikTok said her children felt "hard done by" by having a joint Christmas and birthday present.

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The answer is no, joint Christmas and Birthday presents are not acceptable.

Your birthday present should be wrapped up in Birthday Paper and not Christmas paper. They should be separate presents.



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