Things you never knew about Santa's Elves

Things you never knew about Santa's Elves

Things you never knew about Santa's Elves

Written 23rd July 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Have you ever wondered where Santa's Elves live? Who they are? Do they have families? What do they eat? What do they do for fun?



What is an Elf?

An Elf is a small magical creature that lives at the North Pole with Santa. They are short at under 4ft tall, they have rosy cheeks. They are similar to humans, some have brown eyes, green or blue. Their hair varies from Elf to Elf. Elves have different ethnic backgrounds. Elves normally wear their uniform which consists of a green tunic, belt and green pointy hat.

They are often called Santa's helpers or Santa's ElvesElves are very important to Santa as they make toys for good children in the Workshop. Santa relies on elves and they are an essential part of Christmas.



Do elves go to school?

Young elves go to school and here they learn all the roles and responsibilities of a qualified elf. When they are of age they start working for Santa in the Elf Workshop.


Elves can choose which area they would like to work in.  The majority decide to work in the Elf workshop, researching, designing, making and wrapping toys. Some elves prefer to work and care for the Reindeer where as some prefer to go into the mechanical side and work on the sleigh. Due to recent technology developments, elves now have the opportunity to go into IT and communications which include social media, databases and developing new technology to help Santa.


Where do elves live?

Elves live in cottages at the North Pole with Santa, Mrs Claus and the Reindeer. The North Pole is very cold and it snows a lot there. The Elves bodies are not like humans, they are able to live in cold weather wearing only their elf clothing.

What do elves do when they are not working?

In their spare time they enjoy baking cookies, singing carols and ice skating on the huge frozen lake located just outside Santa's house.

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