Christmas tree door craft

Christmas tree door craft

Simple but effective Christmas craft to do with children

Written 14th November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

A lovely effective craft activity. Green paper chains are made with green paper, the paper chains are then hung to look like a tree. A Christmas tree topper is then added to the top. You could choose a bow, a star, an angel or something else.

Underneath you could make presents out of coloured paper, as shown in the image below.

This craft activity is perfect for school-aged children. This is due to the cutting of the paper and making the paperchains. 

You could also have this as your actual tree in your house to save floor space and money. Children would love making their own Christmas trees. 


  • Green paper
  • Scissors to cut the paper into thin strips (this can be done in advance)
  • Glue (To make the paperchain)
  • Tape (To stick to the tree)
  • A Christmas Tree topper


  • Cut the green paper into thin strips (this can be done in advance)
  • Measuring how long your paper chains need to be
  • Start making the paperchains, we made 10 lines, but you can make as many as you need. Interlock each piece of paper and stick together with glue or tape.
  • Once they are as long as you need stick them to the door or wall from the top to bottom
  • Make sure they are all securely stuck, you may need to add tape in the middle to stop the paperchain breaking
  • Add a Christmas Topper to the top of your tree.
  • Optional - Make, draw or paint Christmas Presents to the bottom of the tree.
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