Discontinued sweet returns for Christmas

Discontinued sweet returns for Christmas

Quality Street fans divided as company decide to bring back an old favourite chocolate

Written 8th November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Quality Street is a firm favourite chocolate at Christmas time. It has been around for 85 years. Although the tin/box has changed many times throughout the years, the chocolate is still as delicious as it has been since it started in 1936.

Quality Street has decided to bring back the Orange Chocolate Crunch. Although this was thought to be a promising move from Nestle unfortunately it has caused a huge disappointment among shoppers with one commenting

"The chocolate crunch is so similar to the Orange Creme, we don't need two orange flavoured chocolates!" 

anther commented

"the coffee creme was by far the best - let's petition to bring that back"

It is unsure as to why Quality Street have brought back the discontinued chocolate, especially when it has sparked so much controversy among its buyers. 


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