Christmas Chocolate Tubs are Shrinking

Christmas Chocolate Tubs are Shrinking

Written 2nd October 2023 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Celebrations, Heroes, and Roses tubs have all undergone a reduction in size compared to 2022, with their weight decreasing from 650g to 600g - and they come with a higher price tag compared to the previous year.

A spokesperson for Mars Wrigley UK said: “We have been actively trying to find ways to absorb the rising costs of raw materials and operations, as we know the increase in the cost of living has impacted both consumers and businesses across the UK.

"Unfortunately, the growing pressures mean that more needs to be done.

"Reducing the size of our products, whilst raising prices, is not a decision we have taken lightly but it is necessary for shoppers to still be able to enjoy their favourite mix of Celebrations treats without compromising on quality or taste.”

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