When to take your Christmas tree down?

When to take your Christmas tree down?

Is it really bad luck to take your Christmas tree down?

Written 5th January 2023 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

When it comes to taking the Christmas tree down there are two kinds of people.

Those who take it down on 26th December and those who wait until January 5th/6th

History has it that you shouldn't take your Christmas tree down until 12 days after Christmas. We've all heard of the song The 12 Days of Christmas but did you know that actually starts on Christmas Day?

Why keep the Christmas tree up until 6th January?


The Feast of Epiphany, The Twelth Night or Three Kings Day.

According to Christmas tradition, this is the day the 3 Kings arrived to visit Jesus, in his manger in Bethlehem. They brought him gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. 

It marks the end of the Christmas celebrations. Tradition says it is unlucky to take a tree down before this date.

The Church of England celebrates Twelfth Night on 5th January and the season of Epiphany from 6th January to 2nd February. However, some mark 6th January as Twelfth Night, counting the 12 days after Christmas Day.


New Year's Eve

There is another tradition that in states that you should take your Christmas tree down on New Year's Eve (31st December) before midnight. For the superstitious types, it is thought you may have bad luck in the New Year if you keep your tree up longer than this period.


How to dispose of a real tree?

A real tree can be recycled for composting and the wood chippings can also be used in parks or woodland areas. Many councils collect Christmas trees with normal garden waste.

If your Christmas tree is in a pot you can plant it back in your garden and it will live on for many years.


What do to with an artificial tree?

An artificial tree can be stored away and reused each year. Some great suggestions of how to store it away can be found here.

Storage ideas for an artificial tree


Keep your tree up all year.

Why not keep your tree up all year and decorate it for each occasion? You could have an Easter Tree, a Halloween tree or a Birthday tree. 

See more ideas here

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