Why do we decorate a Christmas Tree?

Why do we decorate a Christmas Tree?

Where did the tradition start and who started it?

Written 14th July 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Every year people across the world bring a tree in from outside and decorate it. It's become so huge that some people have a tree up all year round and decorate it for each season.

We have a look below at why we bring a tree inside at Christmas, who started the tradition and when was the first Christmas tree?



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Why do we bring a tree inside at Christmas?

Putting a tree into the home goes as far back as Ancient Rome and pagan traditions. It was a symbol of life amid the dark cold winter nights.

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Which country started decorating trees?

Germany was the first country, it was part of their religious Christmas festival which took place throughout Advent. They used to put candles on trees.

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Who brought the Christmas tree into our homes?

It is believed that the 16th-century preacher, Martin Luther from Germany, was the first person to bring a tree inside. It is thought that he was walking through the woods one cold evening. He saw the stars amongst the foilage and wanted to recreate it. He cut down a tree, took it into his house and put lights on it. 

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When did we start decorating trees at Christmas?

Decorating Christmas Trees became popular especially in the United Kingdom during Queen Victoria's reign. In 1848 a picture of the Royal Family was published in the London News. A photo of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and their family at Windsor Castle stood beside a large tree with glass ornaments. Prince Albert was from Germany and it is believed this was something he had instigated. 

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