Worst Christmas Dinners

Worst Christmas Dinners

Written 20th October 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Here are a few of the worst Christmas Dinners served at schools, festivals and restaurants 

Image credit: The Mirror

Cost of Meal - £45

Where - A Pub in Leigh

A customer posted her Christmas dinner on social media and became viral within minutes. With comments such as "I eat out most Christmas days and have never seen anything as bad as this.

The Pub were contacted and apparently, the deal also included champagne on arrival, starter, main, dessert, coffee and mints, which was not captured in the photograph. A full refund was offered.


Image credit: The Sun

Cost of Meal - £3.50

Where - A School in Sussex

A mum took to social media to show what her child had received at school for their Christmas Dinner.  She received comments such as "Was it a 'trial' for I'm A Celeb?" and 'I am really upset by this. Is this really the food I'm paying for?'.

After complaining to the school she received an email stating that "The overall feedback from the students was that they really enjoyed it and this was evidenced by the empty plates and happy faces." She did not receive a refund.


Image credit: Plumouth Live

Cost of Meal - £50.00

Where - Unknown

A family paid £450.00 to eat out on Christmas day to be served a Christmas dinner with 'water' as gravy. The family complained that the potatoes were like rocks, the turkey was dry and they were given 1 pig in blankets each. They complained and received a free drink.

Image credit: Twitter

Cost of Meal - Unknown

Where - Twitter Account

Served up at home this Twitter user was not impressed with her Christmas dinner in 2019.

Cost of Meal - Unknown

Where - Unknown

Christmas dinner with garlic bread?????? The photo went viral over social media with people debating whether garlic bread should be served alongside a Christmas dinner

Christmas Dinner Pot Noodle

Some may argue that the 'Christmas Dinner' pot noodle flavour deserves a place here. It's not technically a dinner though and it's actually pretty tasty, but we'll let you be the judge of that.

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